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A clinical evaluation of the applanation pneumatonograph.
  1. M. R. Jain and
  2. V. J. Marmion


    The applanation pneumatonograph combines pneumatic and electronic systems. It is used for measuring intraocular pressure, aqueous humour dynamics, and ocular pulsation. In the present study the PTG and the Goldmann tonometer have been used to measure the intraocular pressure in 40 normal and 40 glaucomatous eyes. It has been found that the results of the two instruments correlate well. The PTG readings have, generally, been found to be higher with a mean difference of 0-75 mmHg in the normal and 1-25 mmHg in the glaucomatous eye. The mean ocular pulse as determined in normal eyes was 3-25 +/-0-21 mmHg.

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