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Experimental internuclear ophthalmoplegia.
  1. R. M. Burde,
  2. R. A. Lehman,
  3. G. Roper-Hall,
  4. J. Brooks and
  5. J. L. Keltner


    A midline experimental lesion separating the medial longitudinal fasciculi at and below the level of the abducens nuclei without damaging either fasciculus at the level of the nuclei has produced defects of ocular motility resembling those of clinical internuclear ophthalmoplegia. Electromyographic recordings during lateral gaze demonstrate: (1) lack of inhibition of the lateral rectus muscle in the adducting eye, (2) delayed inhibition of the medial rectus muscle in the abducting eye, and (3) occasional evidence of excitation of the medial rectus muscle of the abducting eye probably associated with pupillary constriction. The presumed physiologic mechanisms involved in conjugate gaze movements are discussed in the light of the experimental findings.

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