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Radiographic abnormalities in eyes with retinoblastoma and other disorders.
  1. G. K. Klintworth


    The importance of radiographic examinations of pathological ocular material is stressed. Characteristic ocular radiodensities are observed with retinoblastomas, calcified cataracts, senile scleral plaques, intraocular ossification, and a variety of radiodense foreign bodies. Radiographs supplement other techniques for the documentation of ocular abnormalities and in certain instances may be the ideal method. They also permit the precise localisation of radiodense foreign bodies that need to be removed prior to the processing of tissue for microscopic examination. In certain situations valuable data can be obtained by x-ray examinations of embedded material. Retinoblastomas have an extremely high incidence of radiodensities with a characteristics appearance. This finding stresses the clinical importance of utilising and developing clinically applicable techniques for the detection of calcification in patients with suspected retinoblastomas.

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