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Binocular indirect argon laser photocoagulator.
  1. K Mizuno


    The binocular indirect argon laser photocoagulator was newly designed to enable visualisation of the entire fundus during panretinal laser photocoagulation and to treat retinal tears immediately after buckling procedures of the sclera. The lamp housing of the binocular ophthalmoscope was remodelled and adjusted so that the laser beam and illuminating light are coaxial after leaving the ophthalmoscope. The blocking filter was permanently fixed in the eye-pieces to lighten the weight of the ophthalmoscope. This new delivery system of the laser beam supplies the clinician with a better view of the whole fundus than the standard slit-lamp delivery system, and may become the ideal method for panretinal photocoagulation in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy and central retinal vein obstruction and for the repair of retinal tears. However, a fine and delicate laser technique in the posterior pole does not suit the function of this new delivery system well. Proper use of photocoagulation therapy by combining the standard and the new delivery system of the laser beam is preferable, depending on the location and nature of the retinal lesions.

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