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Low-dose combined guanethedine 1% and adrenaline 0.5% in the treatment of chronic simple glaucoma: a prospective study.
  1. A. Murray,
  2. D. Glover and
  3. R. Hitchings


    This paper reports on the results of a prospective double-blind crossover study, comparing adrenaline 1% with adrenaline 0.5% combined with guanethedine 1% over an 8-week period with each formulation. The guanethedine/adrenaline formulation was found to be the more effective hypotensive agent of the two. This study confirms the potentiating effect of adding guanethedine to adrenaline, and suggests that this combination would be a useful alternative treatment when adrenaline 1% or adrenaline 0.25% with guanethedine 1% is insufficient.

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