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Immunoassay of tear lysozyme in conjunctival diseases.
  1. D. K. Sen and
  2. G. S. Sarin


    The tear lysozyme content in 111 normal subjects and in 159 patients with various conjunctival diseases was determined by a single radial immunodiffusion technique. Tear lysozyme level in normal people was 1.33/mg/ml. (SI conversion: mg/ml = g/l.) The mean tear lysozyme levels in patients with chronic irritative conjunctivitis (0.97 mg/ml) and nutritional deficiency with epithelial xerosis (0.76 mg/ml) were significantly lower than in the normal controls. The mean tear lysozyme levels in tears from patients with vernal conjuctivitis (1.20 mg/ml), phlyctenular conjunctivitis (1.10 mg/ml), and acute bacterial conjunctivitis (1.48 mg/ml) were not significantly different from those in the normal controls. Superimposition of acute bacterial conjunctivitis on trachoma did not alter the low tear lysozyme level that existed before in these patients.

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