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Analysis of HLA antigen association with proliferative diabetic retinopathy.
  1. P B Johnston,
  2. M Kidd,
  3. D Middleton,
  4. A A Greenfield,
  5. D B Archer,
  6. C J Maguire and
  7. L Kennedy


    One hundred and thirteen patients with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus for at least 15 years were typed for 22 HLA antigens of the A and B series. Fifty-six patients had severe bilateral proliferative retinopathy and 57 had no retinopathy. There was no statistical difference in frequency of HLA antigens between the 2 groups of diabetic patients. There was a significantly higher frequency of HLA B15 and a significant lower frequency of HLA B14, B17 in the combined diabetic groups than in a control population of 200 normal blood donors.

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