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Immune electron microscopy and a cultural test in the diagnosis of adenovirus ocular infection.
  1. G Van Rij,
  2. L Klepper,
  3. E Peperkamp and
  4. G J Schaap


    Immune electron microscopy (IEM) and virus isolation in cell culture were compared in the diagnosis of adenovirus ocular infection during an outbreak of the disease in 1979. Eleven of 14 patients with a keratoconjunctivitis clinically indicative of adenovirus infection had IEM evidence of adenovirus infection or had the virus isolated from ocular swabs. The IEM was positive in 8 patients. Virus as isolated from 10 patients. IEM was positive in one culture negative patient. Since IEM provides a rapid and sensitive method for the detection of adenovirus in human tears, it may be a valuable diagnostic tool for the clinician.

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