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Malignant melanoma of the eyelid skin: histopathology and behaviour.
  1. A. Garner,
  2. L. Koornneef,
  3. A. Levene and
  4. J. R. Collin


    Histological sections from 24 patients with malignant melanoma of the eyelid skin were studied and correlated with clinical follow-up for an average of 8.6 years. There was an average post-treatment follow-up of 7.4 years with a cure rate of 78% in the superficial spreading group. The average follow-up in the nodular melanoma group was 9.4 years with a cure rate of 75%. Nodular melanoma patients with the lesion in the lid margin have a worse prognosis than those with the lesion on the eyelid skin.

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