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Prostaglandin levels in human vitreous.
  1. M. A. Thomas,
  2. G. E. O'Grady and
  3. S. L. Swartz


    Vitreous samples were obtained from 41 eyes undergoing vitrectomy, and radioimmunoassays were performed to measure concentrations of the prostaglandins PGE2, PGF2 alpha, prostacyclin, and thromboxane. Presumably physiological levels (approximately 100 picograms/ml) were found in vitreous from eyes undergoing cataract extraction. Eyes with vitreous haemorrhage, retinal detachment, or cystoid macular oedema had similarly low levels. Vitreous prostaglandins were mildly elevated in trauma and endophthalmitis and markedly elevated in aphakic bullous keratopathy. The role prostaglandins may play in cystoid macular oedema is reviewed.

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