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Postural response of intraocular pressure following traumatic hyphaema.
  1. G Anid,
  2. R G Powell and
  3. A R Elkington


    Twenty patients with previous unilateral traumatic hyphaema and 25 age-matched controls were studied. There was a progressive rise in intraocular pressure when the patient changed from the standing to the sitting position and then to the lying position in both groups. No control eye showed a rise greater than 2 mmHg when the subject changed from sitting to lying. However, 14 (70%) of the injured eyes and 12 (60%) of the fellow eyes showed an exaggerated response. We suggest that the presence of an abnormal postural response may indicate a predisposition to post-traumatic glaucoma. Our findings are compatible with a linked control of postural intraocular pressure response between the two eyes.

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