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Progressive retinal atrophy in the Abyssinian cat: studies of the DC-recorded electroretinogram and the standing potential of the eye.
  1. K L Narfström,
  2. S E Nilsson and
  3. B E Andersson


    DC-recorded electroretinography (ERG) and direct recordings of the standing potential (SP) were performed on a group of normal cats and Abyssinian cats affected by a hereditary retinal degenerative disease with similarities to human retinitis pigmentosa. A significant reduction of a- and b-wave amplitudes was found at an early stage of disease at a time when there were no major alterations in the c-wave and SP. At later stages both the c-wave and the SP oscillations were significantly reduced or absent. These findings indicate a primary photo-receptor disorder. Threshold studies for the scotopic b-wave showed a loss of retinal sensitivity early in the disease at a time when 30 Hz flicker responses were normal, which could indicate an earlier involvement of the rods than of the cones. There were no major alterations in the timing of the ERG in the affected animals tested.

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