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Photocoagulation of raised new vessels by long-duration low-energy argon laser photocoagulation--a preliminary study.
  1. S M Zeki and
  2. G N Dutton
  1. Tennent Institute of Ophthalmology, University of Glasgow, Western Infirmary.


    Direct laser treatment of retinal neovascularisation is indicated when regression has not been brought about by retinal photocoagulation. Current treatment regimens involve multiple laser applications to the neovascular complex. Long-duration low-energy burns have the advantage of slowly heating the tissue without engendering disruption. We report the use of this treatment as a means of occluding the feeder vessels to a neovascular network. The application of argon blue-green laser treatment at 0.1 watt for 60 seconds at two adjacent points on a feeder vessel was found to give rise to permanent vascular occlusion without causing complications.

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