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K-Sol corneal preservation at room temperature.
  1. K. Tamaki,
  2. E. D. Varnell and
  3. H. E. Kaufman
  1. Lions Eye Research Laboratories, Louisiana State University Medical Center, School of Medicine, New Orleans.


    K-Sol, a recently developed corneal storage medium that contains purified chondroitin sulphate in tissue culture medium (TC 199), is capable of preserving corneal tissue for 14 days at 4 degrees C. To study the effect of tissue storage in K-Sol at room temperature we preserved rabbit corneas in K-Sol and M-K medium for three or seven days at 25 degrees C. All of the corneal endothelial sheets were intact after three days. At seven days the change in pH of the K-Sol medium was less than that of M-K medium. Corneas preserved in M-K medium showed swelling of mitochondria and a decrease in the number of cytoplasmic organelles. Corneas preserved in K-Sol had organised cytoplasmic organelles and nuclei. Scanning electron micrographs revealed well preserved endothelial sheets. Corneas stored in the two media showed no significant difference in thickness. A pair of human corneas preserved in K-Sol at room temperature for six days maintained about 95% of the endothelial sheet in good condition. Small separations were observed between some of the endothelial cells. However, even in these areas, the cytoplasmic organelles were well preserved. It appeared that K-Sol is more stable than M-K medium at room temperature, and that both rabbit and human corneas can be preserved in good condition in K-Sol for at least six days at 25 degrees C.

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