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Neonatal Graves' disease.
  1. C L Shields,
  2. L B Nelson,
  3. G C Carpenter and
  4. J A Shields
  1. Pediatric Ophthalmology Service, Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia, PA 19107.


    A newborn boy was noted by his mother to have a prominent left eye at birth, but an eye examination was delayed until age 7 months, at which time his ophthalmologist diagnosed exophthalmos. Computed tomography was interpreted as showing mild, diffuse, optic nerve thickening bilaterally suggestive of optic nerve gliomas. Subsequent examination in our clinic revealed pseudoproptosis secondary to retraction of the left upper eyelid. Magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated normal orbital structures. The mother was noted to be clinically hyperthyroid, and abnormal thyroid function tests confirmed the diagnosis. Although the infant was euthyroid, neonatal Graves' ophthalmopathy was diagnosed. He was managed by close observation while his mother was treated for her hyperthyroidism.

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