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A study of the effects of four concentrations of D-timolol, 0.25% L-timolol, and placebo on intraocular pressure on patients with raised intraocular pressure.
  1. K B Mills,
  2. N J Jacobs and
  3. R Vogel
  1. Manchester Royal Eye Hospital.


    The intraocular pressure lowering effect in 30 patients with raised intraocular pressure and open angles following a single application in a randomised double-masked fashion of four concentrations of D-timolol (0.25%, 0.5%, 1.0%, and 2.0%), 0.25% L-timolol, and placebo are presented. The percentage reduction in intraocular pressure after four hours following single-drop instillation range from 20% to 25% in the D-timolol group, 32% in the L-timolol group, and only 8% in the placebo group of treated eyes.

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