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Congenital adduction palsy and synergistic divergence: a clinical and electro-oculographic study.
  1. J R Cruysberg,
  2. A T Mtanda,
  3. K U Duinkerke-Eerola and
  4. P L Huygen
  1. Institute of Ophthalmology, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands.


    We studied two patients with a peculiar congenital disturbance of ocular motility in which the horizontal movements of the left eye were always opposite the normal expected direction. The common features were: (1) congenital monocular adduction palsy and exotropia of the left eye; (2) simultaneous abduction of both eyes (divergence) on attempted dextroversion; (3) ocular torticollis, head turned to the right; and (4) inverse nystagmus of the left eye, occurring spontaneously as well as during optokinetic and vestibular testing. Clinical and electrooculographic findings suggested a close relationship to Duane's retraction syndrome and supported the concept that innervational mechanisms were responsible for the phenomenon.

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