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The Pulfrich phenomenon and its alleviation with a neutral density filter.
  1. G Heron and
  2. G N Dutton
  1. Department of Ophthalmic Optics, Glasgow College of Technology.


    A case is described in which a presumed vascular accident resulted in long-standing visual difficulties in both reading and the analysis of vectors of moving objects. Clinical examination revealed minimal right optic atrophy with a relative superior altitudinal visual field defect associated with a positive Pulfrich effect. A partial head turn to the right in association with paresis of saccades and pursuit eye movements to the right was also evident. Spectacles for distance which incorporated a neutral density filter before the left eye were prescribed. These practically eliminated the Pulfrich effect and alleviated the problems of vector analysis. A near correction was provided which incorporated prisms with bases to the right. This eliminated the reading difficulties. The visual problems experienced by patients suffering from a positive Pulfrich effect are described and discussed.

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