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Optic nerve glioma and the management of optic nerve tumours in the young.
  1. J E Wright,
  2. A A McNab and
  3. W I McDonald
  1. Orbital Clinic, Moorfields Eye Hospital, London.


    Thirty-one patients presenting as orbital optic nerve glioma have been reviewed with maximum follow-up of 14 years. Sixteen of these patients have been reported on previously and further follow-up is provided. Sixteen patients had a stable clinical course with little change over a period of up to 13.5 years. Neurofibromatosis was relatively common in this group (11/16). Fifteen patients had progressive enlargement of the tumour; the incidence of neurofibromatosis in this group was low (4/15). Eleven of these patients were explored neurosurgically and the optic nerve totally excised in 10 of them. The proximal cut end was normal in six patients and the chiasm has apparently remained free of tumour in all of them. We suggest a method of management of primary optic nerve tumours, both meningiomas and gliomas, in young patients.

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