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Useful adjuncts for vitreoretinal surgery.
  1. J. G. Gross,
  2. W. R. Freeman,
  3. M. H. Goldbaum and
  4. T. L. Mendez
  1. Department of Ophthalmology, University of California, San Diego.


    Many vitreoretinal procedures are performed in offices and hospitals where cost control is important. We describe three useful devices and techniques that facilitate these procedures at minimal expense and often greater convenience. These include an accurate method for localising the pars plana without the use of callipers, an inexpensive, reliable, pressure regulated air pump for fluid-air exchange, and an easy method for intraocular injection of silicone oil through 20 gauge instrumentation without the need for expensive pumps. These procedures and techniques should prove to be useful in the treatment of vitreoretinal disease.

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