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Rapidly expanding exophthalmos: an unusual presentation of small cell lung cancer.
  1. R. F. Spaide,
  2. E. Granger,
  3. B. D. Hammer,
  4. F. J. Negron and
  5. P. G. Paglen
  1. Ophthalmology Service, Landstuhl Army Regional Medical Center, Federal Republic of Germany.


    A 61-year-old male presented with a rapidly progressive exophthalmos from small cell lung cancer metastatic to the right orbit. His vision in that eye was 20/200, and his intraocular pressure was 36 mmHg. The orbital metastasis responded dramatically to chemotherapy. One week after starting the chemotherapy the patient did not have exophthalmos, his vision was 20/20, and three weeks later the intraocular pressure was 12 mmHg.

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