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Intraocular pressure changes and postural changes of intraocular pressure in experimentally induced Hansen's disease of rhesus, mangabey, and African green monkeys.
  1. N Hussein,
  2. B Ostler,
  3. B J Gormus,
  4. R Wolf and
  5. G P Walsh
  1. Francis I Proctor Foundation, University of California, San Francisco 94143.


    In our long term evaluation of patients with Hansen's disease we have frequently found reduction of their intraocular pressure. Furthermore, we noted changes in their intraocular pressure on change of posture. To determine if these changes have any significance we measured the intraocular pressures of 24 experimentally infected and 39 control monkeys in both sitting and reclining positions. We found significant reduction of intraocular pressure in 66.7% compared with controls in the sitting position, and a significant increase in intraocular pressure in 79% when checked first in the sitting then in the reclining position. We offer a possible pathophysiological explanation as to why the changes occur.

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