Br J Ophthalmol 74:443-444 doi:10.1136/bjo.74.7.443
  • Research Article

Acute retinal necrosis as a novel complication of chickenpox in adults.

  1. T Matsuo,
  2. M Koyama and
  3. N Matsuo
  1. Department of Ophthalmology, Okayama University Medical School, Japan.


      Three patients in their 20s suffered from chickenpox while in an immunocompromised state: one in pregnancy, one during a long course of corticosteroid for severe nephrotic syndrome, and the third with repeated upper airway infection due to bronchiectasis. They developed acute retinal necrosis about three weeks after the onset of chickenpox. Since acute retinal necrosis threatens sight, this unusual complication of chickenpox in adults needs serious consideration.

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