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Homonymous horizontal sectoranopia: report of four cases.
  1. M. Grochowicki and
  2. A. Vighetto
  1. Consultation de Neuro-Ophtalmologie, Hôpital Neurologique et Neuro-Chirurgical Pierre Wertheimer, Lyon, France.


    Four cases of right homonymous horizontal sectoranopia are described. They were investigated with automatic static perimetry matched in three cases with Goldmann perimetry. In two cases--a wound of lateral sinus, a temporal surgically excised oligo-dendroglioma--neuroradiological investigations localised the visual pathways lesion to the optic radiations. In two other cases the lesions of vascular origin were less precise. In both of these there were ischaemic phenomena. In one of them the left anterior superficial sylvian territory was involved and in the other the left anterior choroidal artery territory was in question. This visual field pattern, less rare than was previously supposed, seems in some cases to correspond to retrogeniculate and varied topographic lesions.

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