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Use of a central 10 degrees field and size V stimulus to evaluate and monitor small central islands of vision in end stage glaucoma.
  1. A H Zalta
  1. Department of Ophthalmology, University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine, Ohio.


    In a retrospective review of 24 clinically stable eyes with small central islands of vision due to end stage glaucoma the combined use of a central 10 degrees program and size V stimulus (10-2 with V) measured visual function undetected on a central 30 degrees field tested with both the standard size III and non-standard size V stimuli. Furthermore, the mean sensitivity of the 10-2 with V remained stable on serial field testing (mean 3.9 examinations) on long term follow-up (mean 22.2 months). This study suggests that in end stage glaucoma the size V target is the stimulus of choice and a central 10 degrees field may be the program of choice of evaluating and monitoring small central islands of vision.

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