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Lensectomy for complicated cataract in juvenile chronic iridocyclitis.
  1. J J Kanski
  1. Prince Charles Eye Unit, King Edward VII Hospital, Windsor, Berkshire.


    Experience with the removal of complicated cataract by lensectomy in patients with juvenile chronic iridocyclitis (JCI) has so far been limited. The results of lensectomy were reviewed retrospectively in 131 patients with JCI (187 eyes). The mean follow up period was 5 years 4 months. The main operative complication was accidental loss of lens material into the vitreous cavity. The postoperative complications were glaucoma (23 eyes, 15%), phthisis (14 eyes, 8%), secondary pupillary membranes (11 eyes, 6%), and retinal detachment (six eyes, 3%). The incidence of postoperative phthisis was related to the level of intraocular pressure (IOP) at the time of surgery. Twenty four per cent of hypotonous eyes and 4% of eyes with normal or elevated IOP became phthisical. Visual acuity was improved in 77%, was worse in 13%, and unchanged in 10% of eyes. The main causes of a postoperative visual acuity of 6/60 or less were glaucoma, amblyopia, and phthisis. Lensectomy did not appear to alter the course of uveitis.

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