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Fundus albipunctatus associated with cone dystrophy.
  1. Y. Miyake,
  2. N. Shiroyama,
  3. S. Sugita,
  4. M. Horiguchi and
  5. K. Yagasaki
  1. Department of Ophthalmology, Nagoya University School of Medicine, Japan.


    We describe five unrelated patients in whom the typical signs of fundus albipunctatus were accompanied by colour vision defects, bull's eye or similar macular lesions, and severely diminished full-field cone electroretinograms indicating widespread damage to cones outside the macula. All patients had noticed night blindness from childhood. Signs of retinitis punctata albescens, a disease of similar appearance but with characteristics resembling retinitis pigmentosa, were absent. We cannot be sure whether these patients represent a process of fundus albipunctatus or a distinct disease entity or a casual combination of fundus albipunctatus and cone dystrophy.

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