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Mathematical analysis and experiment on the corneal reflex test in spectacle wearers.
  1. Y Hatsukawa,
  2. H Koike,
  3. S Sugimoto,
  4. K Kasai and
  5. P Fells
  1. Eye Department, Osaka Medical Centre and Research Institute for Maternal and Child Health, Japan.


    An experimental study and mathematical analysis of the corneal reflex test was undertaken in spectacle wearers. In the experimental study, photographs were taken of the corneal reflex through spectacles and the conversion ratios determined as measured in degrees/mm. In the mathematical analysis, the magnification effect of the lens was elucidated by three methods: geometrical analysis; real measurement of magnification factor; and ray tracing analysis. The real measurement of the conversion ratios was in good agreement with the conversion ratios determined by the three mathematical analyses. These results clearly showed that the corneal reflex test can be clinically useful even in wearers of spectacles.

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