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External beam radiotherapy for retinoblastoma: II. Lens sparing technique.
  1. N M Toma,
  2. J L Hungerford,
  3. P N Plowman,
  4. J E Kingston and
  5. D Doughty
  1. Department of Ophthalmology, St Bartholomew's Hospital, London.


    A retrospective analysis is presented of the results of external beam radiotherapy for retinoblastoma utilising an accurate lens sparing technique. Local tumour control has been assessed in a consecutive series of 67 eyes in 53 children all of whom received external beam radiotherapy as the primary treatment of retinoblastoma. Follow up ranged from 12 to 82 months (median 35 months) with 76% of the children followed for more than 2 years. Tumour control rates have been analysed with respect to the Reese-Ellsworth classification. The role of adjuvant and salvage focal therapy is emphasised. Following lens sparing radiotherapy with prior adjuvant treatment of anterior tumours, where appropriate, the overall ocular cure rate was 72%. With salvage therapy of persistent, recurrent, or new tumours, 93% of eyes could be preserved in this series which includes mainly eyes classified in Reese-Ellsworth groups I-III. These results compare favourably with those of whole eye external beam radiotherapy for comparable tumours, and with those of lens and anterior segment sparing using other techniques. They were achieved without the ocular morbidity associated with whole eye external beam radiotherapy.

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