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Sports Ophthalmology
  1. C McEWAN

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    Sports Ophthalmology. By Bruce Zagelbaum. Pp 280. £67.50. Oxford: Blackwell Scientific, 1996.

    I found this excellent text both interesting and enjoyable. It provides a systematic and clear approach to ophthalmology in relation to sport with some fascinating anecdotes to illustrate the points being addressed.

    The book is divided into four main areas. Firstly, there is an introduction to sports ophthalmology with a broad overview of the subject. Secondly, several sports are examined in detail—looking at how they are played, how injuries occur, and how they can be prevented. The sports discussed indicate that this text is clearly aimed at a North American audience as it concentrates on baseball, basketball, (ice) hockey, and (American) football, although other important sports such as the racquet sports and boxing are included.

    The third part of the book looks at the details of ocular injuries which can occur during sport. This is divided into a chapter on the anatomy of the eye and orbit, followed by a breakdown of anterior segment and posterior segment injuries. This is a very clear and the majority of injuries should be well understood by medical and non-medical readers alike.

    Finally, there are a couple of short chapters on medical legal aspects of sports ophthalmology and visual training.

    The book is well illustrated, mainly in black and white or line diagrams, but there is also an excellent array of colour photographs of injuries. The emphasis of this book is very strongly on injuries of the eye associated with sport and methods of protecting and preventing the eye from suffering these injuries; although there is no specific chapter regarding a general approach to prevention. There is very little in the way of optimum methods of correcting vision or the various visual requirements for each different sport. These areas are possibly of more concern to the sports optometrist. The book however is aimed at ‘ophthalmologists, optometrists, team doctors, trainees, and primary care physicians’. In view of the emphasis on injury, this perhaps casts the net a little too wide and indeed at almost £70.00 this may perhaps put it out of reach of anyone other than those with a very strong interest in this field.

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