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Developments in Ophthalmology. Vol 30. Immuno-ophthalmology

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    Developments in Ophthalmology. Vol 30. Immuno-ophthalmology. Ed U Pleyer, M Zierhut, W Behrens-Baumann. Pp 252; $215. Basle: Karger, 1999. ISBN 3-8055-6863-0.

    This book includes contributions from experts in the field of ophthalmic immunology. Topics covered in the book are concisely summarised, providing relevant aetiological information, clinical presentation, and appropriate treatment of various immune mediated intraocular diseases, as well as ocular adnexal diseases and orbital pathology. To accomplish the objectives of the book, the editors introduce the subject of immunology as it relates to ocular diseases by first providing an excellent overview of the general principles of innate and adoptive immunity along with concepts on regional immunity pertaining to intraocular cavities. Other notable reviews include the immunopathology of Graves' ophthalmopathology, the immunology of lacrimal gland and tear film, and the immunological characteristics of conjunctival and mucocutaneous disorders. Other highlights include an updated review of the immunology of corneal transplantation, immune regulation of uveoretinal inflammation, and immunotherapy of uveal melanoma. Although several of the chapters are well illustrated, few chapters, such as those on scleritis, pemphigoid, and glaucoma, are without diagrams or illustrations of the ocular inflammation. Moreover, the purpose of the chapter entitled “Ocular hypertension and glaucoma associated with scleritis and uveitis” is unclear since this chapter does not cover any aspect of immunology. Although the review of scleritis addresses important issues regarding the immunopathogenesis of scleritis, the authors do not include current information about the histopathological changes noted in necrotising scleritis. Even with these minor issues, however, the editors and contributors have, for the most part, accomplished their set goal of providing current information about the immunopathogenesis of various immune mediated ocular diseases and their management to residents and practising ophthalmologists.

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