Br J Ophthalmol 87:1045-1046 doi:10.1136/bjo.87.8.1045
  • Letter

Unilateral nasal hemianopsia secondary to posterior subcapsular cataract

  1. I Rahman,
  2. A Nambiar,
  3. A F Spencer
  1. Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, Lister Centre, Nelson Street, Manchester, UK
  1. Correspondence to: Mr Imran Rahman, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, Lister Centre, Nelson Street, Manchester, UK; imran1973{at}
  • Accepted 9 December 2002

Visual field defects respecting the vertical midline are a common occurrence associated with focal neurological lesions. However, unilateral nasal hemianopsias are rare defects, documented to be associated with pituitary adenomas, temporal optic nerve lesions, and suprasellar aneurysms.1 Cataracts are known to depress the overall sensitivity of the visual field,2,3 but localised visual field defects due to cataract are extremely rare and, to our knowledge, only three other cases have been reported in the literature.4–6 We report a case of a right unilateral nasal hemianopsia resulting from central posterior subcapsular lens opacity.

Case report

A 51 year old woman treated for normal tension glaucoma in her right eye for 2 years attended for a review of her glaucoma following a change of medication with the addition of bimonidine eye drops to dorzolamide eye drops. At this 3 monthly review the patient gave a 1 month history of a sudden onset of misty vision affecting her right nasal …