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Manual of Strabismus Surgery
  1. R A Harrad
  1. Bristol Eye Hospital, Lower Maudlin Street, Bristol BS1 2LX, UK;

    Statistics from

    Eds C MacEwen, R Gregson. Pp 196; £39.99. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann, 2003. ISBN 0-7506-5248-9.

    Everyone with an interest in strabismus surgery should own a copy of this book. I congratulate Caroline MacEwen and Richard Gregson for producing a concise, portable and readable textbook of strabismus surgery. It is written in clear English and despite a comprehensive knowledge of the subject the authors appreciate that there are those who know rather less about it than they do. This manual unlike most manuals will be frequently read and referred to and is light enough to be rested on the patient’s chest while the pages are turned by an assistant using a curved artery clip.

    It is arranged in three parts: “Assessment and principles,” “What to do,” and “How to do it” and for such a small book is surprisingly comprehensive. The illustrations are excellent and there are helpful flow diagrams. There are many useful tips such as: the use of two squint hooks when resecting a muscle; hooking the lateral rectus from above so as to avoid catching the inferior oblique, and the use of the Fison retractor to gain exposure for the Faden procedure.

    As one who has sat at those great feet I recognise the gospel according to Fells and Lee. This book is an excellent distillation of their collective wisdom with added hints of Jampolsky, both Scotts, and Helveston. It is essential reading for trainee ophthalmologists. It will also be of use as a concise reference book to orthoptists and theatre nurses. Consultants will find that it will assist their teaching and be a useful quick reference book for rarely performed procedures.

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