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“My brother Pat, to whom Nicky wrote a charming letter, is going to Italy soon and will write and ask if he can call on you. I have told him you will probably be at Vallombrosa, but he will find his way somehow. I hope you can see him and will like him. Everyone says that he is charming and very unlike me. I agree with both propositions separately, but don’t like them put in such emphatic juxtaposition. He is a very good eye-surgeon, musical, easy-going, informal and of a political naiveté which leaves me speechless.”

There have been conflicting reports as to whether or not vitamin supplementation or other important nutrient supplementations are important in preventing cataract. Investigators from Melbourne have investigated whether lutein and/or zeaxanthin have any affect on the development of cataracts. In a study of over 2000 individuals these investigators found that there was an inverse association between high dietary lutein and zeaxanthin and the prevalence of nuclear cataract. This finding is consistent with previous epidemiologic studies. Possible mechanisms for this effect include the prevention of oxidation of lens protein, proteins that play a central role in the formation of cortical …

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