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A new advanced glycation inhibitor LR-90 prevents experimental diabetic retinopathy in rats
  1. Ashay D Bhatwadekar (abhatwadekar01{at},
  2. Josephine V Glenn (j.v.glenn{at},
  3. James L Figarola (jlfigarola{at},
  4. Stephen Scott (sscott{at},
  5. Tom A Gardiner (t.gardiner{at},
  6. Samuel Rahbar (srahbar{at},
  7. Alan W Stitt (a.stitt{at}
  1. Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom
  2. Queen' S University Belfast, United Kingdom
  3. City of Hope National Medical Centre, United States
  4. City of Hope National Medical Centre, United States
  5. Queens University-Belfast, United Kingdom
  6. City of Hope National Medical Center and Beckman Research Institute,, United States
  7. The Queen's University of Belfast, United Kingdom


    Background/Aims: Diabetic retinopathy is associated with accumulation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) in the retinal microvasculature. LR-90 is an effective multistage inhibitor of advanced glycation with renoprotective and anti-inflammatory properties. In the present study we have explored the role of LR-90 in the progression of experimental diabetic retinopathy.

    Methods: Streptozotocin (STZ) induced diabetic Sprague-Dawley rats were treated with LR-90 (50mg/l in drinking water) for up to 32 weeks. At the end of the study eyes were enucleated and subjected to trypsin digestion and staining with light green-haematoxylin. Acellular capillaries and number of pericytes were quantified in random fields using light microscopy.

    Results: In the LR-90 treated diabetic animals, acellular capillary numbers were reduced to 1.63 ± 0.20 from 2.58 ± 0.49 (p<0.05) in diabetic controls. Also, LR-90 treatment significantly restored pericyte deficit from 18.12 ± 0.98 in diabetic rats to 24.19 ± 0.76 (p<0.001) in the LR-90 treated group. Conclusion: These findings demonstrate that LR-90 can effectively inhibit important lesions of diabetic retinopathy. This agent has potential for preventing retinopathy in diabetic patients.

    • Advanced Glycation End Products
    • Diabetic retinopathy
    • LR-90

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