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Chronic cicatrizing conjunctivitis in a patient with hemifacial cutaneous tuberculosis.
  1. Stephan POMMIER (stephan.pommier{at},
  2. Elodie CHAZALON (elodie.chazalon{at},
  3. Jean-Jacques MORAND (jeanjacques.morand{at},
  4. Franck MEYER (franck.meyer{at}
  1. HIA Laveran, France
  2. HIA Laveran, France
  3. HIA Laveran, France
  4. HIA Laveran, France


    A 83 years-old woman presented with a chronic cicatrizing conjunctivitis in the left eye associated with concurrent homolateral erythematus papules on the face. Conjunctival and skin biopsies disclosed features of active tuberculosis. Bacterial culture and polymerase chain reaction from skin and conjunctiva were positive for mycobacterium tuberculosis. A diagnosis of lupus vulgaris with fibrous keratoconjunctivitis was made and the patient was started on short course antitubercular therapy. The treatment of the infection was successful. Conjunctival inflammation resolved and cutaneous lesion healed well. Chronic conjunctivitis is a relatively rare presentation of ocular tuberculosis. The present case highlights the essential role of conjunctival and associated lesions biopsies in management and diagnosis of patient with chronic cicatrizing conjunctivitis.

    • Ocular surface
    • Conjunctiva
    • Microbiology
    • Pathology
    • chronic conjunctivitis
    • conjunctival biopsy
    • cutaneous tuberculosis

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