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Filling-in at partially deafferented visual cortex
  1. Denise P Alvarenga (oftalmop{at},
  2. Valdir Pessoa, Prof. Dr. (vpessoa{at},
  3. Marcia F Couto (mcouto{at}
  1. Brasilia University, Brazil
  2. Brasilia University, Brazil
  3. Brasilia University, Brazil


    Perceptual visual filling-in at the corresponding area of toxoplasmic retinochoroiditis scotomas in the fellow eye was studied in 14 patients. Targets were programmed to appear inside the scotoma corresponding area in the fellow eye, and at two control points. The results showed faster perceptual filling-in latencies (p<0.0001) in the scotoma corresponding area than at the control points. Conclusions: (i) perceptual filling-in is facilitated at the corresponding area of retinal scotomas; (ii) the neural mechanisms of this visual facilitation might be similar to those found following somatosensory cortex partial deafferentation.

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