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Second line therapy with dorzolamide/timolol or latanoprost/timolol fixed combination versus adding dorzolamide/timolol fixed combination to latanoprost monotherapy
  1. Anastasios G. P. Konstas,
  2. Dimitrios Mikropoulos,
  3. Antonios T. Dimopoulos,
  4. Georgios Moumtzis,
  5. Lindsay A. Nelson,
  6. William C. Stewart (info{at}
  1. Glaucoma Unit, 1st University
  2. Glaucoma Unit, 1st University
  3. Glaucoma Unit, 1st University
  4. Glaucoma Unit, 1st University
  5. Charleston Research Company, LLC
  6. Carolina Eye Institute, University of SC


    Objective: To evaluate open-angle glaucoma patients, who were insufficiently controlled on latanoprost monotherapy, to determine the 24-hour intraocular pressure (IOP) efficacy and safety when changing them to dorzolamide/timolol (DTFC) or latanoprost/timolol fixed combination (LTFC) or adding DTFC.

    Methods: A prospective, observer-masked, placebo-controlled, crossover, comparison.

    Consecutive adults with primary open-angle or exfoliative glaucoma who exhibit a mean baseline IOP > 21 mm Hg on latanoprost monotherapy were randomized for 3 months to: DTFC, LTFC or DTFC and latanoprost. Patients were then crossed over to the next treatment for Periods 2 and 3. At the end of the latanoprost run-in and after each 3-month treatment period patients underwent 24-hour IOP monitoring.

    Results: 31 patients completed this study. All 3 adjunctive therapies significantly reduced the IOP at each time point and for the mean 24-hour curve, except at 18:00 and 02:00 with DTFC and 02:00 with LTFC.

    Conclusions: This study showed DTFC, LTFC and the addition of DTFC to latanoprost significantly decrease the IOP compared to latanoprost alone, but the latter therapy regime obtains the greatest IOP reduction.

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