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Corneal Tattooing (keratopigmentation) to restore cosmetic appearance in severely impaired eyes with new mineral micronized pigments
  1. Jorge L Alio,
  2. Belucha Sirerol,
  3. Anna Walewska – Szafran
  1. Vissum-Instituto Oftalmologico de Alicante, Spain
  1. * Corresponding author; email: jlalio{at}


Aims: To investigate keratopigmentation (KTP) with new mineral micronized pigments as a surgical alternative to improve cosmetic appearance in severely-impaired eyes.

Methods: 40 eyes underwent KTP alternatively to invasive cosmetic reconstructive surgery. Corneal staining with mineral micronized pigments was performed using either an intralamellar or superficial technique.

Results: One year postoperatively, all but two patients (95%) were satisfied. Pigmented eyes were improving patient's appearance. 8 cases needed a second KTP. 2 patients with preoperative corneal edema did not obtain an adequate cosmetic appearance due to progressive pigment clearance observed from 6 months postoperatively. 3 eyes with traumatic aniridia observed good cosmetic outcome and a significant reduction in glare.

Conclusion: KTP achieves good cosmetic results and is associated with high patient satisfaction, avoiding extensive and mutilating reconstructive surgery.

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