Table 1

Size of the optic disc and the integral of retinal nerve fibre layer (RNFL) thickness in 60 normal eyes (SD)

Optic disc size (mm2)2.20 (0.55)
Integral of thickness of the RNFL (mm2)
Total0.544 (0.129)
Superior quadrant0.171 (0.045)
Temporal quadrant0.086 (0.022)
Inferior quadrant0.174 (0.039)
Nasal quadrant0.113 (0.035)
  • Superior quadrant v temporal quadrant, p<0.001; superior quadrant v inferior quadrant, p=0.977; superior quadrant v nasal quadrant, p<0.001; temporal quadrantv inferior quadrant, p<0.001; temporal quadrantv nasal quadrant, p=0.001; inferior quadrantv nasal quadrant, p<0.001 (ANOVA and Scheffé’s test).