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Archive of the British Journal of Ophthalmology video reports of ophthalmologic clinical and scientific images, August 2000 - October 2008.

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2008 video reports

October 2008
Emergence of Diplopia and Oscillopsia due to Heimann-Bielschowsky Phenomenon after Cataract Surgery
Seong-Hae Jeong, Young-Mi Oh, Jeong-Min Hwang, Ji Soo Kim
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September 2008
Single incision wagon wheel phaco
M M K Muqit and F D Ghanchi
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August 2008
Endocapsular Phacoemulsification without Hydrodissection: an effective technique for cataract surgery following anterior capsular tear
Romesh I Angunawela, Brian Little
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July 2008
Free floating cyst in anterior chamber after cataract surgery
JBNS Malta, M Banitt, HK Soong
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June 2008
Minimally invasive relocation of subluxated single piece AcrySof IOL
Suven Bhattacharjee, Arup Chakrabarti, and Abhijit Ghosh
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May 2008
Three-dimensional optical coherence tomography of proliferative diabetic retinopathy
T Iwasaki, M Miura, C Matsushima, M Yamanari, S Makita, and Y Yasuno
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April 2008
Trypan Blue-guided trabeculectomy revision
K N Rajkumar, H J Bunting, A K Patel
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March 2008
Using a "small bubble technique" to aid in success in anwar's "big bubble technique" of deep lamellar keratoplasty with complete baring of descemet's membrane
Anand Parthasarathy, Yong Ming Por, Donald T H Tan
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February 2008
Cannula ejection into the cornea during wound hydration
MN Wiggins and S. H Uwaydat
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2007 video reports

December 2007
A new approach for visualisation of dye leakage in fluorescein angiography
Giuseppe Querques, Nicola Delle Noci, Gisele Soubrane, Eric H Souied
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November 2007
Technique of Amniotic Membrane Transplant Dressing in the Management of Acute Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
Mahiul MK Muqit, Roger B Ellingham, Claire Daniel
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October 2007
Sub-Epithelial Gas Breakthrough During Femtosecond Laser Flap Creation for LASIK
Sathish Srinivasan and Sheldon Herzig
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September 2007
Detached Descemet's membrane
Ivan R Schwab, Ellen Redenbo
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August 2007
Pigmented free-floating iris cysts
Gurdeep Singh, Veerappan R Saravanan, Kalpana Narendran, V. Narendran
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July 2007
Apraxia of lid opening
Marta Ugarte, Masoud Teimory
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June 2007
Descemet-Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty Technique in Patients with Anterior Chamber Intraocular Lenses
Brian Groat, Michelle S. Ying, David T. Vroman, Luis E. Fernández de Castro
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May 2007
Displacement of the globe with chewing subsequent to reduction of a displaced fracture of the zygoma
Crispin Malpas, Barrie Evans, Debendra Sahu, Peter Hodgkins
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March 2007
A Case of Ophthalmyiasis Externa from Jordan in the Middle East
Thabit A Mustafa Odat, Jagdeep Singh Gandhi, Kimia Ziahosseini
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February 2007
Physiological changes of the angle with anterior segment OCT
Lance Liu
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January 2007
Nystagmus, opsoclonus and Adie's pupil in a patient with Sjögren's syndrome.
Edwina L Berman, Kimberly P Tan, and Colin C Chan
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2006 video reports

Video Suite: Pediatric intraocular foreign bodies

December 2006
Intraocular Foreign Body Induced Anterior Uveitis in a Child
Rajeev S. Ramchandran, Glenn J. Jaffe, Sharon F. Freedman
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Minimally Invasive Intraocular Foreign Body Extraction
R Maini and A I Fernando
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November 2006
Horizontal binocular saccadic failure: an early isolated sign of Demyelination
Aysha Salam, Marion Headley Lewis, Fatima Shawkat, Debendra Sahu, Robert Morris
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October 2006
Iris Reconstruction with Multipiece Endocapsular Prosthesis
Luis E. Fernández de Castro, Helga P. Sandoval, David T. Vroman, Kerry D. Solomon
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September 2006
Posterior fixation of Artisan lens in Bullous Keratopathy
Paul L Dighiero, Riad A Bejjani, Jean-Jacques Gicquel
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August 2006
Ocular motor apraxia
Thein N Win, David E Laws
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July 2006
IBimanual irrigation and aspiration with no instrument exchange
YC Lee, Mun-Wai Lee
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June 2006
Intrusion of an encircling band with recurrent retinal detachment: surgical approach
E Doyle, I Georgalas, Paul Sullivan, DAH Laidlaw
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May 2006
Dissection of the Trabeculectomy Bleb Pocket using a Novel Dissecting Instrument
Eytan Z. Blumenthal
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April 2006
Dynamic Ultrasound Movements of the Eye and Orbit
Julian PS Garcia Jr, Patricia MT Garcia, Paul T Finger
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March 2006
Iris Cerclage Suture Technique for Traumatic Mydriasis
LE Fernández de Castro, HP Sandoval, KD Solomon, DT Vroman
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February 2006
Lamellar keratoplasty and intracorneal inlay:
An alternative to corneal tattooing and contact lenses for disfiguring corneal scars
Hollick EJ,Coombes A, Perez-Santonja JJ, Dart JKG
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January 2006
A case report of pulsating exophthalmos
Debendra Sahu, Nick Maycock, Adam Booth
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2005 video reports

Video Suite: Subconjunctival dirofilariasis

December 2005
Removal of Dirofilarial worm from the subconjunctival space
Debjoy Mallik, Suman Alexander
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Subconjunctival Dirofilariasis
G Singh, K Myint, P Sathyain, S Mon, R Manikandan, B Dhillon
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November 2005
Magnet-assisted pars plana vitrectomy for giant metallic intraocular foreign body
Rodrigo Jorge, Rogério A. Costa, JarbasC. Castro, Rubens C. Siqueira
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September 2005
Suture of a Subluxated Posterior Chamber Lens within the Capsular Bag
Luis E Fernández de Castro and Kerry D Solomon
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August 2005
Ocular Onchocerciasis: Anterior Chamber Microfilariae
William J Flynn and Harold D Dillon
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July 2005
Zero Phaco Microincision Cataract Surgery: The Hacc Technique
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June 2005
The presenting features of multiple sclerosis
Victoria JM Barrett, James Walker, and John S Elton
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May 2005
Removal of INTACS: Stepped surgical complexity demonstrated with three cases
L Ilari, JC Mc Alister, DS Gartry

Retracted: [View notice of retraction]

April 2005
The Nuclear Slide: A Novel Approach for Unleashing the Potential of the Hydrodissection Wave
Ayman Naseri
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March 2005
Giant pleomorphic adenoma of the lacrimal gland: pre- and post-operative function
Ajay Jain, Vikas Inder Nehru, Uma Nahar Saikia, C Ekambar Eshwara Reddy
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February 2005
Limbal-sparing lamellar keratoplasty
Stephanie L Watson, Saaeha Rauz, John Dart
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2004 video reports

December 2004
Bilateral Abducens Neuromyotonia
Luis H Ospina, Nipat AuiAree, Duncan P Anderson
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November 2004
Light to dark physiological variation in irido-trabecular angle width
Gus Gazzard, Paul J Foster, D.S. Friedman, Peng T Khaw, Steve KL Seah
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September 2004

Video Suite: Trimcinolone-assisted Vitrectom
Triamcinolone acetonide-assisted Epiretinal Membrane Peeling
Chen SDM, Patel CK
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Triamcinolone-assisted removal of the posterior hyaloid to repair
retinal detachment due to macular hole in high myopia
Akifumi Ueno, Hiroshi Enaida, Yasuaki Hata, Takao Nakamura, Toshio Hisatomi, Kimihiko Fujisawa, Toshiaki Kubota,Taiji Sakamoto, Tatsuro Ishibashi
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July 2004
A suture technique to manage a case of severe early flap displacement after laser in situ keratomileusis
L Spadea, P Pantaleoni, G Bianco
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May 2004
Reconstruction of the Ocular Surface in LOGIC Syndrome
J E Moore, V Kumar, J R Ainsworth, S Shah
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March 2004
Laser Photocoagulation for
Posterior Segment Intraocular Parasites
Tisha Prabriputaloong and Somkiat Asawaphureekorn
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2003 video reports

November 2003
Feeder Vessel Treatment with High Speed ICG Angiography
Stanescu-Segall D, Coscas G, Coscas F and Soubrane G
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October 2003
Endoscopy to aid anterior segment surgery
Moore JE and Sharma A
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September 2003
Penetrating ocular injury due to a fish hook: Surgical removal
Chen SDM, Chiu D, Patel CK
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July 2003
Retinal Ganglion Cell Axon Response to Guidance Molecules
SF Oster and DW Sretavan
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March 2003
Marin-Amat Syndrome
A Jogiya and C Sandy
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January 2003
Excision of subcutaneous Dirofilariasis of the eyelid
D Mallick and TP Ittyerah
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2002 video reports

June 2002
Thixotropy: a novel explanation for the cause of lagophthalmos after peripheral facial nerve palsy
M Aramideh, JHTM Koelman, PP Devriese, F VanderWerf, JD Speelman
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April 2002
Surgical revision of leaking filtering blebs with an autologous conjunctival graft
K Taherian, A Azuara-Blanco
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2001 video reports

September 2001
Dipetalonema Reconditum in the human eye
T Huynh, J Thean, R Maini
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July 2001
Evaluation of leukocyte dynamics in mouse retinal circulation with scanning laser ophthalmoloscopy
Heping Xu, A Manivannan, G Daniels, J Liversidge, PF Sharp, JV Forrester, IJ Crane
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May 2001
An Intraocular Steroid Delivery System for Cataract Surgery
DF Chang
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January 2001
Pearls for Implanting the Staar Toric IOL
DF Chang
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2000 video reports

August 2000
Capsule staining and mature cataracts: a comparison of indocyanine green and trypan blue dyes
DF Chang
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