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  1. Keith Barton,
  2. James Chodosh,
  3. Jost Jonas, Editors in chief

Statistics from

Rahi et al (see page 244)

The authors report the discordance between visually impaired children's own and their parents' reports of the child's vision-related quality of life and functional vision using two novel questionnaires designed specifically for this population.

Heo et al (see page 251)

The duration of elapsed time since the onset of IXT, the angle of distance exodeviation, and stereoacuity were risk factors for BHTT in IXT, and the BHTT could be resolved by horizontal muscle surgery alone.

Yoon et al (see page 251)

In a retrsospective study of 31 patients, the authors observed Serum IgG4 level to be a marker of treatment response and a predictor of relapse in IgG4-related ophthalmic disease.

Wu et al (see page 261)

In a study of 1275 patients with indrect traumatic optic neuropathy, 20.9% of optic canal fractures were not detected by high resolution CT scanning. Those with fractures had worse visual acuities.

Liang et al (see page 268)

The authors describe the corneal …

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