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Anterior, posterior and biomechanical parameters of cornea during pregnancy in healthy eyes: a cohort study


Background To investigate the effect of pregnancy on anterior, posterior and biomechanical corneal parameters of healthy eyes.

Method In this prospective cohort study, 70 pregnant participants with clinically healthy eyes underwent corneal topographic imaging evaluation by Pentacam and biomechanical assessment by Ocular Response Analyzer (ORA) before pregnancy, at the third trimester of pregnancy (34th week of pregnancy) and 12 months after delivery. The same number of age-matched non-pregnant females was evaluated at the corresponding appointments as the control group.

Results Assessment of the tomographic, topographic and ORA measurements before pregnancy, at the third trimester of pregnancy and 12 months post partum revealed no statistically significant changes in anterior and posterior corneal flat, steep and mean keratometry, anterior and posterior elevation measurements, central and thinnest corneal thickness, corneal hysteresis, corneal resistance factor and intraocular pressure measurements (p>0.05, repeated measures analysis of variance (ANOVA)). All of the study parameters returned to their baseline levels 1 year after delivery. The ophthalmic parameters of the non-pregnant group remained significantly unchanged during the study period (p>0.05, all comparisons, repeated measures ANOVA). Moreover, no statistically significant differences were found between pregnant and non-pregnant groups in the second (34th week of pregnancy) and third (post partum) appointments (p>0.05, all comparisons, one-way ANOVA).

Conclusion Our findings may suggest a physiological nature for ocular changes during pregnancy that these changes return to baseline values after delivery. The differences between tomographic, topographic and biomechanical corneal parameters before pregnancy, during pregnancy and post partum were not statistically or clinically significant.

  • biomechanical factors
  • corneal hysteresis
  • corneal resistance factor
  • healthy eyes
  • pregnancy
  • topography

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