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Vision and visual potential for perifoveal retinoblastoma after optical coherence tomographic-guided sequential laser photocoagulation


Background/aims To assess tumour control, vision and anatomical visual potential in eyes with perifoveal retinoblastoma treated by sequential photocoagulation from the antifoveal tumour edge inwards, avoiding treatment near the fovea. Patients were monitored for tumour control, foveal and perifoveal anatomy at each treatment session by optical coherence tomography (OCT) and treated for amblyopia when the other eye had better vision.

Methods Eyes with perifoveal retinoblastoma treated between 1 January 2011 and 31 May 2017 with laser therapy after chemotherapy for juxtafoveal (fovea clear of tumour but <3000 µm from tumour edge) or foveolar retinoblastoma (tumour underlying fovea) were retrospectively reviewed for tumour control without recurrence, anatomical success (foveal pit preservation and/or restoration with ≥500 µm perifoveal retina free of tumour and scar) and functional success (acceptable (>0.1 decimal) or good (>0.3 decimal) visual acuity (VA)).

Results Twenty-two eyes (14 juxtafoveal, 8 foveolar tumours) of 20 patients (19 bilateral, 1 familial and 11 females) were included. No juxtafoveal tumour had tumour recurrence, and 13/14 patients showed foveal pit preservation with ≥500 µm of perifoveal retina tumour free. Foveolar tumours had significant worse anatomical outcomes: failure to restore foveal pit or perifoveal retina (8/8, p=0.001) and tumour recurrences (5/8, p=0.001). Functional success with acceptable VA was achieved in 12/14 juxtafoveal and 5/8 foveal tumours eyes (p=0.01). Amblyopia therapy data were insufficient to evaluate impact on VA.

Conclusions Anatomical visual potential and functional vision were better in juxtafoveal than foveolar retinoblastoma treated with foveal-sparing laser photocoagulation guided by OCT. The role of amblyopia therapy requires a prospective study.

  • retinoblastoma
  • optical coherence tomography
  • laser
  • cancer

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