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Outcomes of phacoemulsification combined with two iStent inject trabecular microbypass stents with or without endocyclophotocoagulation


Aim Comparing outcomes after combined phacoemulsification, two iStents insertion and endocyclophotocoagulation (ECP) versus phacoemulsification-iStents alone.

Methods This is a longitudinal retrospective 12 months study in eyes with ocular hypertension or early-to-moderate open angle glaucoma. Level of disease, intraocular pressure (IOP) and tolerance of glaucoma medication were considered before planning surgery. Best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA-logMAR), IOP (mm Hg), number of medications were assessed at baseline, week 1, week 5, month 3, 6, 12 postop. Main outcome: percentage (%) in IOP reduction at 12 months vs medicated baseline. Secondary outcomes: absolute values of IOP/medication reduction, BCVA and postop complications.

Results The ICE2 (two iStents-cataract extraction-ECP) group included 63 eyes and Phaco-iStent group included 46 eyes. Baseline IOP was higher in the ICE2 than phaco-iStent group (19.97±4.31 mm Hg vs 17.63±3.86 mm Hg, p=0.004) and mean deviation was lower (−7.20±2.58 dB vs −4.94±4.51 dB, p=0.037). Number of medications were comparable at baseline: 2.22±1.06 (ICE2) vs 2.07±1.02 (phaco-iStent), p=0.442. At month 12 postop, IOP in the ICE2 group decreased 35% from baseline vs 21% in the phaco-iStent group (p=0.03); absolute IOP reduction was significantly lower than baseline in each group (p<0.001), yet final IOP was lower in the ICE2 group than phaco-iStent group (13.05±2.18 mm Hg vs 14.09±1.86 mm Hg, p=0.01). Similar results were found for glaucoma medication (1.24±1.05 in ICE2 group vs 1.39±1.03 in phaco-iStent group, p=0.01). Final BCVA was 0.11±0.18 (phaco-iStent group) vs 0.08±0.08 (ICE2 group), p=0.309. Safety outcomes were comparable between groups.

Conclusion ICE2 procedure offers better results in IOP/medication reduction at 12 months than phacoemulsification-iStents alone.

  • glaucoma
  • aqueous humour
  • treatment surgery
  • angle

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