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Validating the usefulness of sectorwise regression of visual field in the central 10°


Aim To evaluate the usefulness of the application of the clustering method to the trend analysis (sectorwise regression) in comparison with the pointwise linear regression (PLR).

Methods This study included 153 eyes of 101 patients with open-angle glaucoma. With PLR, the total deviation (TD) values of the 10th visual field (VF) were predicted using the shorter VF sequences (from first 3 to 9) by extrapolating TD values against time in a pointwise manner. Then, 68 test points were stratified into 29 sectors. In each sector, the mean of TD values was calculated and allocated to all test points belonging to the sector. Subsequently, the TD values of the 10th VF were predicted by extrapolating the allocated TD value against time in a pointwise manner. Similar analyses were conducted to predict the 11th–16th VFs using the first 10 VFs.

Results When predicting the 10th VF using the shorter sequences, the mean absolute error (MAE) values were significantly smaller in the sectorwise regression than in PLR. When predicting from the 11th and 16th VFs using the first 10 VFs, the MAE values were significantly larger in the sectorwise regression than in PLR when predicting the 11th VF; however, no significant difference was observed with other VF predictions.

Conclusion Accurate prediction was achieved using the sectorwise regression, in particular when a small number of VFs were used in the prediction. The accuracy of the sectorwise regression was not hampered in longer follow-up compared with PLR.

  • glaucoma
  • perimetry
  • visual field
  • clustering

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