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The UK National Artificial Eye Questionnaire Study: comparisons between cosmetic shell and artificial eye users. Part 2: maintenance, management and quality of life


Aims To compare the unique experiences related to artificial eye (AE) versus cosmetic shell (CS) wear.

Methods In this observational, cross-sectional study, the National Artificial Eye Questionnaire was employed nationwide within the National Health Service England. This second part of the study assesses daily management and care experiences, as well as visual function and quality of life aspects.

Results Overall, 951 respondents wore an AE, while 238 wore a CS. Both AE and CS respondents rated a relatively high score for a beneficial effect of prosthesis polishing, with an average score of 80.08±0.87 versus 77.17±1.73 (p=0.13, respectively). CS respondents removed and cleaned their prosthesis more frequently than AE respondents (p<0.0001, p=0.002, respectively). CS respondents instilled lubrication more frequently than AE respondents (p=0.022) with 33.3% versus 43.7% of AE and CS wearers, respectively, lubricating on at least a daily basis. The overall QOL composite score was similar in both AE and CS groups (approximately 77%, p=0.74). Social functioning was similar, and relatively high in both groups (approximately 86%, p=0.77).

Conclusions This study characterises unique aspects of CSs versus AEs in a large national cohort. The results should provide reinforcement to the gain in popularity of CSs.

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Data availability statement

Data are available upon reasonable request. All completed National Artificial Eye Questionnaires (NAEQ) were collected to one central location (Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead). Questionnaires were anonymised and allocated a unique identifier. Data obtained from the NAEQ were entered onto an anonymised database saved on the secured hospital network. The raw data may be provided upon reasonable request.

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