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  1. Frank Larkin, Editor in Chief
  1. Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, UK
  1. Correspondence to Frank Larkin, Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, UK; f.larkin{at}

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Ocular morbidity in Marfan syndrome: a nationwide epidemiological study (see page 1051)

This nationwide epidemiological study of ocular morbidity in Marfan syndrome demonstrates a profound burden, compared to controls, especially concerning disorders of lens, retinal detachment, and glaucoma, which translates into significantly increased ophthalmic surgery and medication.

Real-world visual outcomes of cataract surgery based on population-based studies: a systematic review (see page 1056)

There is a lack of population-based data on post-cataract surgery visual acuity outcomes in many countries. Existing evidence demonstrated significant inequality in the visual outcomes and principal causes of visual impairment after cataract surgery among different countries, and even within the same country.

Evaluation of the Nallasamy formula: a stacking ensemble machine learning method for refraction prediction in cataract surgery (see page 1066)

Nallasamy formula, a novel machine learning based IOL power calculation formula developed based on a dataset of 6893 eyes, achieved statistically significantly better prediction accuracy than seven IOL formulas including Barrett Universal II.

Predictors of long-term intraocular pressure control after lens extraction in primary angle closure glaucoma: results from the EAGLE trial (see page 1072)

Lens extraction was>10-times likelier than laser iridotomy to control IOP without drops in PAC/PACG. Chinese ethnicity, baseline IOP, and drop-use at baseline were the strongest predictors for success.

Development and validation of the 40-item Glaucoma Visual Functioning Questionnaire (see page 1086)

The newly designed 40-item Glaucoma Visual Functioning Questionnaire has sufficient validity and reliability to support its use.

Clinical outcomes of penetrating canaloplasty in patients with traumatic angle recession glaucoma: a prospective interventional case series (see page 1092)

We report a …

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