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Long-term visual acuity outcomes following cataract surgery in eyes with ocular inflammatory disease


Purpose To evaluate the long-term visual acuity (VA) outcome of cataract surgery in inflammatory eye disease.

Setting Tertiary care academic centres.

Design Multicentre retrospective cohort study.

Methods A total of 1741 patients with non-infectious inflammatory eye disease (2382 eyes) who underwent cataract surgery while under tertiary uveitis management were included. Standardised chart review was used to gather clinical data. Multivariable logistic regression models with adjustment for intereye correlations were performed to evaluate the prognostic factors for VA outcomes. Main outcome measure was VA after cataract surgery.

Results Uveitic eyes independent of anatomical location showed improved VA from baseline (mean 20/200) to within 3 months (mean 20/63) of cataract surgery and maintained through at least 5 years of follow-up (mean 20/63). Eyes that achieved 20/40 or better VA at 1 year were more likely to have scleritis (OR=1.34, p<0.0001) or anterior uveitis (OR=2.2, p<0.0001), VA 20/50 to 20/80 (OR 4.76 as compared with worse than 20/200, p<0.0001) preoperatively, inactive uveitis (OR=1.49, p=0.03), have undergone phacoemulsification (OR=1.45 as compared with extracapsular cataract extraction, p=0.04) or have had intraocular lens placement (OR=2.13, p=0.01). Adults had better VA immediately after surgery, with only 39% (57/146) paediatric eyes at 20/40 or better at 1 year.

Conclusions Our results suggest that adult and paediatric eyes with uveitis typically have improved VA following cataract surgery and remain stable thereafter for at least 5 years.

  • Epidemiology
  • Inflammation
  • Lens and zonules
  • Treatment Surgery
  • Vision

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