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Fibrillary lines of the cornea. A clinical sign in keratoconus.
  1. A. J. Bron,
  2. D. J. Lobascher,
  3. W. S. Dixon,
  4. S. N. Das and
  5. M. Ruben


    Fibrillary lines, whether in the normal cornea or in keratoconus, are faint structures which must be searched for diligently with the appropriate biomicroscopical settings, using a high magnification and oblique focal illumination of high intensity. They are unlikely to be confused with other superficial linear changes in the cornea, such as mare's tail epithelial lines, fingerprint lines and their variants, ring lines, and so on. A detailed description of these and other entities is given elsewhere (Brown and Bron, in preparation).

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